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Pursue love, and desires spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 1 Corinthians 14:1

Covet2Prophesy is a Kingdom minded movement and ministry. Its mission is to cultivate an Apostolic/Prophetic school which focuses on Prophetic training, coaching, and activating God's children to use their spiritual gifts to dominate their sphere of influence.


Covet2Prophesy is a multi-cross cultural and generational community of apostolic and prophetic believers who are committed to growing spiritually for the expansion of God’s kingdom in the earth. Emphasis is placed on equipping believers to fulfill their God given assignment through coaching, mentoring, training and the application of the 7 spheres of influence mandate. Which equips believers to pursue their God given assignment while taking dominion and authority in the area of education, family, business, media, arts and entertainment, government and God’s kingdom/religion. Covet2Prophesy creates safe, loving environments for brothers and sisters in Christ to use and develop their spiritual gifts to make disciples and be our Heavenly Father’s ambassadors in the earth.

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