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Dearly Beloved!

There is a great vision from God on your heart. The desires you have to be more, do more and have more are from Him too. Do yourself a favor and write a letter to yourself. Take a few moments, locate a piece of paper, envelop and pen. Put the date that reflects a year from the date you write the letter at the top of the page. Connect with your heart and write a letter to yourself describing, acknowledging and celebrating all the wonderful things that happened in your life throughout the year. Commune with the Father as you claim those things that are not yet as though they happened.

You could start your letter off by saying: Dearly Beloved, Dearest You, Beautiful, Mighty Man of Valor, Mighty Woman of Wisdom or whatever you like. Then say, something that speaks to the desires of your heart. I am grateful to be a homeowner, bonafide entrepreneur, licensed minister or whatever you desire to be. If you're longing for mending relationships, healing, miracle or something along those lines -- give Him thanks in the letter for the fact that He moved and it happened. By now I think you get the picture. Just remember to write it as if it happened over the course of the year. And give yourself permission to claim something big because we serve a big God.

When you finish writing your letter put it in an envelope, seal and place it in your Bible. Lay hands, say a prayer over it throughout the year. Allow your heart to feel all that you wrote whenever you see it. Open your letter the following year and experience the joy of writing your vision and claiming those things that are not yet as though they were.

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