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Your Presence is a Present!

You are inspiring others with your life and living. Your determination to be all God made you to be is impacting generations to come. You matter. Your life matters. What you say matters. What you do matters. But more importantly who you do, what you do for matters the most.

As you embrace what the word of God says about you, you will find that your steps are ordered. Your life was fashioned before you were formed. And there's a call upon your life to share your story with others so that they can see how you were transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus.

All that you have been through is necessary for where you are going and it allows you to sense what others are going through in your presence. May you continue to call people up and not call them out. And when you need to bring to their attention that which they are doing that does not honor the Father, may you do it with love that's seasoned with salt.

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