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Revival Starts Within

A religious revival often involves a combination of personal and communal factors that create a sense of spiritual hunger and a desire for renewal. They can begin in a variety of ways, but here are a few common factors that can contribute to their emergence:

  1. A sense of spiritual need: Revivals often emerge in times of social or personal crisis, when people are searching for answers or a sense of direction. For example, a revival might start in a community that has experienced a natural disaster, a war, or an epidemic, or in an individual who is going through a difficult time in their life.

  2. Charismatic leaders: Revivals often have charismatic leaders who inspire and motivate others through their preaching, teaching, or personal example. These leaders might have a reputation for being able to heal the sick, perform miracles, or deliver powerful sermons that touch the hearts of their listeners.

  3. Prayer and fasting: Revivals often begin with a call to prayer and fasting, as people seek to deepen their relationship with God and receive guidance for their lives. This might involve individual or group prayer, extended periods of fasting, or both.

  4. Personal testimonies: Revivals often feature personal testimonies of people who have experienced a transformation in their lives through their faith. These testimonies can be a powerful way to encourage others to seek a deeper spiritual experience for themselves.

  5. Community engagement: Revivals often involve a sense of community engagement, as people come together to worship, pray, and support one another. This can create a sense of belonging and purpose that can be transformative for individuals and communities.

As revivals break out across the nation, it is my prayer that you open your heart, renew your mind and seek the Father for a mighty renewal within you that spreads from you to revive your church, community and God given call!

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Unknown member
Feb 22, 2023

Amen and Amen! We are believing for revival in our individual hearts!


Feb 22, 2023

Amen and Amen!! Believing for revival to spread like wildfire!! 🔥🔥🔥

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