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Transparent Revelation

By: Pamela D. Scott

May 10, 2023

Have you ever attended a conference and heard a speaker say, “I’m going to be completely transparent with you”? It has become a common phrase in secular and Christian sectors alike. Sometimes, the anticipation moves you to the edge of your seat as you wonder what will be said. You know the person will likely share information that isn’t commonly known. It is only because they decided to be candid with the audience that you’re afforded additional insight into their experience.

As a prophetic minister, I hear from God often. Typically it’s during my prayer time, but sometimes it’s when I’m just “doing life.” This was the case last week when I heard the Spirit while working in my garden. I distinctly heard the phrase “transparent revelation.” Totally unfamiliar with it, I quickly inquired of the Lord to find out what He meant.

Transparent Revelation: Going Deeper In a nutshell, transparent revelation is a deeper level of understanding available to the believer - if we ask for it. Valid prophetic words are divine messages that can be loaded with profound wisdom and insight. They are often conveyed through prophets, dreams, visions, or a deep intuitive sense. These divine whispers may be direct or symbolic, clear or puzzling. However, understanding their true meaning requires a fervent prayer for deeper, more transparent revelation.

Asking the Holy Spirit for a greater revelation of His prophetic messaging is essentially asking for His divine wisdom and understanding. It is an acknowledgment of our human limitations and an expression of our sincere desire to grasp His divine intentions fully.

God, in His infinite love and wisdom, is more than willing to guide us through the process of understanding His messages. James 1:5 assures us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” Thus, God is ready to guide us toward a deeper understanding of His written and prophetic word.

Expanding and Maturing

Asking for deeper revelation does more than simply aid our understanding of these messages; it also develops our relationship with God. In this process, we aren’t just seeking an explanation of a prophecy, vision, or dream, but we’re also seeking to know the heart of God. It is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation with our Creator, to listen attentively, and to respond obediently.

Seeking more profound revelation also equips us to mature spiritually and to be more effective servants of God. An accurate understanding of the prophetic messages we receive allows us to fulfill our divine mandate and minister to others. It empowers us to be conduits of God’s truth, love, and grace, echoing His voice in a world desperate for divine direction.

Don’t Settle For The Obvious

Asking God for transparent revelation is a vital spiritual discipline for every believer. I challenge you to go beyond casual assessment when considering what you’ve heard (or seen) from God. Don’t merely look at the situation...SEE THROUGH IT! Press in and dig deeper. We must open our hearts to the works and giftings of the Spirit and give ourselves permission to ask God for more. I believe we’ll quickly discover the profound depths of His love and wisdom and become better equipped to navigate the journey of faith while ministering to the body of Christ.

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